Who are we?

The Accessibility Group (TAG) provides Web development services to make your organization’s web site more accessible While there are a number of tools available to improve Web accessibility, organizations can also help by making their Web sites more accessible. A fully accessible Web site conveys the message that you welcome all people to absorb, understand, collaborate, and possibly purchase what your organization has to offer.

The Accessibility group (TAG) is where the web gets its accessibility. Boasting over twenty-five years of combined experience: serving a broad range of customers: respected in the Accessibility Assurance profession are just a few facts about TAG that makes us different.. 

For a business, accessibility opens your products and services to an estimated 38 million Americans alone who have a severe disability, which most likely requires some form of accommodation.  A poorly accessible or inaccessible Web site creates frustration among impaired users. This frustration can create strong negative feelings about your business among the impaired. Naturally, it results in lost sales opportunities. In extreme cases, a highly inaccessible Web site can harm your organization in the form of legal actions from individuals who are not receiving the electronic version of reasonable accommodation required under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For an organization seeking to provide goods and services to the US government, Web site accessibility is a requirement for doing business. The primary law many are familiar with is Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. However, the US government has over a dozen laws, guidelines and memos with numerous subsections which may apply to web accessibility requirements. Beyond accessibility for external users, a number of regulations address non-discrimination and reasonable accommodation for your staff.  Moreover, revisions and new legislation keep the compliance landscape constantly changing.

TAG can help your organization remediate or build an accessible Web site, no matter the size. With our finger on the pulse of the accessibility dialogue, we can help your organization  not only navigate the current forest of regulation, but also help your site join the leading edge of Web accessibility, anticipating  the future of accessibility. Our approach is relationship-based with your organization, and holistic in its approach. Give us the opportunity to be your trusted Web accessibility advisor so you can concentrate on your core mission.